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dazey's thoughts

through my many imperfect eyes

Dragondazd of Shadowwings
11 February 1980
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I am a fan of fantasy, a lover of dragons, a MUDder, a writer, a passionate thinker, an antisocial outcast, a reluctant environmentalist, a compassionate introvert, and a lonely person who has found all the love in the world. I am the dragon of crooked, feathered wings. I see things because I am willing to look, not because my sight is clear. I am the white peacock, the friend the silence, and the one who will listen.

Dragondazd--one true name
Shadowwings--one true spirit

I created this page as a place to store my thoughts. Some place accessible where I can share what I have learned and find so amazing I want to share my lessons with everyone. There have been so many times in recent years where I have learned something extraordinary and wished that everyone could learn what I had learned. Often, I failed to mention these things to more than one living person, mostly because I was too lazy to figure out how to explain it in my own words. But some ideas are worth sharing, and even if I don’t do them justice, I should try, both to let others know as well as to improve my own understanding.

The intended audience of this journal is anyone and everyone that happens to come across it. I write for my friends and my enemies, my parents (it’d be a shock still!) and siblings, strangers, acquaintances, and myself. I did not create this journal to talk to people secondhand about things I don’t have the guts to say to their faces but would have them know anyway. I did not create this journal to backstab people and claim I’m just expressing myself. This is not my personal complaint box. I have learned that such a thing would only make me more bitter for no good reason, and I have seen many of the hurtful things that comes from careless, subconsciously purposeful, or blatant offense. If you find that I imply to insult someone here, please give me a good smack upside the head.

Also, this journal is not about how I feel, but what I’ve learned. I want to share my lessons here, not my reactions. Not my day-to-day gripes. Not the thoughts that just happen to be in my head. As cheesy as it sounds, I want this to be a learning process as well. I have read many academic writings that are inaccessible because of convoluted language and I hope that I will one day have great ideas to share and the ability to convey my knowledge to just about anyone.

Thank you for listening

The best MUD around: hack and slash, roleplaying, quests, crafting, creating--you name it.

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